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This feature is for the PRO version of System Admin and the FreePBX Distro. This page allows you to manage system updates for FreePBX Distro 13.x or older. FreePBX Distro 14.x and above now handles all updates through new section, please refer to Updates for PBX 14.x or above systems auto update configuration.


The Updates section of the System Admin module allows you to update your FreePBX Distro manually or schedule automatic updates. This update method is a user-friendly alternative to updating your system via the CLI commands described in the FreePBX-Distro-10.13.66 wiki.

This feature is not for PBX module upgrades. To update modules, please use Module Admin.

Logging in

  • On the top menu click Admin
  • In the drop down click System Admin
  • In the right side navigation box click Updates

Viewing your Current Version

The current version of the FreePBX Distro that your PBX is using is shown at the top of the module.

See FreePBX Distro Version Numbering System for more information on what the numbers mean.

Viewing Available Versions

Newest Version

If your system is ready to be updated, you will see the message "Your server can now be upgraded" along with the latest available version number.

Older Versions

If there are any other versions available between your current version and the latest available version, you will also see the message "Older Updates are Available."

When you upgrade via the System Admin Pro module, you do not need to individually process each update in chronological order. Instead, you can choose the version you would like to upgrade to, and the system will automatically apply any updates between your current version and the newer one you select.

To see the available older versions, and have the option to upgrade to an older version, click the Show button.


Viewing an Update Log

To see the update log, click the View Log button.

Updating Manually

Begin the Update

Click the Upgrade Now button next to the version you would like to update to.

A warning will display, alerting you that you may experience an outage if Asterisk is updated. Click Update to acknowledge the warning and proceed.

The upgrade process can take several minutes, and it is recommended that you perform this during a maintenance window.


Wait for the Update to Complete

The update log will display, alerting you that an update is currently in progress.

The update runs in the background and the log automatically shows you the latest status. If desired, you may close the update log window by clicking the X.

If you close the log window, the Upgrade Now button in the module will be replaced with a grayed-out Update in Progress button indicating that you cannot request another update at this time. You might also see a red button saying "Cannot Connect to Asterisk," which is normal while an update is in progress.

You can return to viewing the log at any time by clicking the View Log button.

Verify the Update is Complete

Check the update log. (Click the View Log button if you are not already viewing the log). Look for the message: "Upgrade process successfully completed!"


If you see this message, the system is finished updating.

Click the X in the log window to close the log.

Reload the Updates page in the System Admin Pro module and check your Current Version. If you've updated to the latest version, you will see the message: "Your server is up to date! No updates are required."


Updating Automatically

How to Enable Automatic Updates

To enable Automatic Updates, click the Yes button.

The Yes button will change to dark blue in color to indicate it is selected.

Next, for the Schedule, select the update frequency of every day, week, month, or year.

Depending upon your first choice, you will now be able to select a more specific schedule. The defaults are shown below. Use the drop-down menus to make selections.

  • If every day, select the time (server time, 24-hour clock, HH:MM).
  • If every week, select the day of the week and the time .
  • If every month, select the day of the month and the time.
  • If every year, select the day, month, and time.

Click the Submit button to save your automatic update schedule.

How to Disable Automatic Updates

To disable Automatic Updates, click the No button.

The button will turn to dark blue in color to indicate it is selected.

Click the Submit button to save the change.

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