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Phone Apps are designed to work only with Sangoma IP Phones. Please see our End of Sale notice here on Phone Apps with 3rd Party Phones.

Viewing your Current Status

  • Upon entering the Presence Application on your phone, you will be shown your currently active status. In our example below, you can see this user's status is set to "Available."

Changing your Current Status

  • In the Presence Application on your phone, you can press the Select button to change your current status.

  • Here you can see the currently active status has a "*" in front of the text, such as "*Available."

  • Scroll down to the status you want to set and press the Select button. This will change your status to the newly selected status.

  • If you chose Away like in our example above, you will see the Presence button is now lit red on your home screen when you exit the Presence Application. This is because you changed to a status in which you are considered to be unavailable.

Changing your Preferences For When a Status is Active

  • Inside the Presence Application, you can control your preferences for what will happen when you set a status. For each status type you can set:
    • Nothing: The system will not enable DND or Follow Me, and calls will route no differently than if you had no status set.
    • Follow Me: The system will enable your Follow Me until you change to a status that is told to "Do Nothing" or enable "DND."
    • DND: The system will enable your Do Not Disturb until you change to a status that is told to "Do Nothing" or enable "Follow Me."
  • Pressing the "Prefs" button will bring up a list of all statuses, along with the current preference for each status. In our example, you can see that "Chat" is told to enable DND.

  • Scroll to the status you would like to set a preference for and press the "Change" button.

  • Press the "Submit" button down by the arrow keys when you've made your selection and your preference will be saved. Now the next time you toggle to that status the action you defined will be taken.
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