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CLI Command

  • From the CLI, we can run pcs status to see the current status of the cluster.
    • pcs status

Normal Results

  • Below is a full output of a PCS Status with no error.


Errored Results

  • Below is a full output of a PCS Status with error.  We can see at the bottom that "Asterisk Service" had failed at some point on "freepbx-a server, but PCS was able to restart the service. Just above the Failed Actions, we see that Asterisk Service is running again on the freepbx-b server.  
  • With an error showing for the asterisk service on freepbx-a server, PCS will not be able to move asterisk back over to freepbx-a server until you clear out this error. To clear out this error, we will use the following command.   This tells it to clear any errors with the asterisk_service on any server. 
    • crm_resource --resource asterisk_service -C 

  • To clear the error on a specific server only, we would use the following command. Note the freepbx-a at the end of the command. We are clearing any asterisk_service errors on freepbx-a server only.
    • crm_resource --resource asterisk_service -C --node=freepbx-a




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