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FreePBX HA requires two reasonably identical machines. It's preferable if you have EXACTLY identical machines, to ease configuration issues. While there is currently no official Hardware Compatibility List, server class hardware is strongly recommended.

CPUi5 classQuad Core Xeon or greater
HDD100 GB250 GB +
NIC1 Network Interface2 Separate Network Interfaces. IPMI on dedicated NIC. Most server-class hardware comes with IPMI (such as Dell's DRAC, HP's ILO, etc.) to enable the cluster to manage the power state of each node.


Virtualizing FreePBX-HA is supported when used with Asterisk 11, but at time of writing (B1) no management is available. Currently supported:

  • VMware ESXi (5.1 or greater) 
  • VMware Workstation (10 or greater)
  • OpenStack
  • Solus with KVM

While other Virtualization systems will, most probably, work with FreePBX HA, we can't guarantee that we'll be able to offer any assistance with problems related to any other systems.







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