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For smaller machines that don't have IPMI style remote power capabilities, it's possible to use a Crossover connection of two USB Power Switches

Supported Devices

Currently, only the "USB-SwitchC IEC" device is supported. This provides a single IEC connector to switch a single PSU input.

The Cleware USB Device can be purchased from the manufacturer at this link. When configuring, you should select 'Opening' (as in, the relay is normally closed - without being told otherwise it is allowing power through) and 'Mechanical'.

Before you purchase this device, ensure that it is certified for use in your region. More information about the switch is available from the Cleware Website.


  • Connect the power leads into each PBX, and turn both machines on.
  • Cross-connect the USB cord into the opposite PBX. This means that the switch that controls the power to Node A has its USB cable plugged into Node B, and the switch that controls the power to Note B has its USB cable plugged into Node A.
  • Go into FreePBX High Availability GUI and under Fencing category pick the Cleware as the Type.
  • Enter the serial numbers for the switches that control the power for that node, and press Save, or Check.

  • Once they are saved you can press the check button at anytime which will come back with the current status and also allow you to Turn Off or On the Power to the machine manually.