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Endpoint Manager v / v onwards is capable of configuring Digium phones using Asterisk's "Digium Phone Module for Asterisk (DPMA)" module.

Endpoint Manager commercial module will be responsible for configuring "DPMA" module for asterisk which will allow DPMA to push the phone/extensions configuration to respective phones.


Endpoint Manager module will take care of entire asterisk DPMA related configuration so this depreciates the FreePBX "Digium phone module" module going forward

DPMA License

We do not need DPMA specific license while running on valid licensed FreePBX.  


Endpoint Manager → Global → Use DPMA  

Endpoint Manager → Global → Use DPMA  option will allow Endpoint Manager to decide whether to use "DPMA" functionality of asterisk to configure Digium phones or use legacy(existing so far) functionality for generating phone configuration. 

By-default this is "NO". 


This global setting should be 'NO' needs to set when we want to use "digium_phone" FreePBX module to configure the Digium phones or EPM to use normal procedure of generating Digium phone configuration without using DPMA functionality of asterisk.

If set to 'YES' that means we want EPM to use Asterisk DPMA functionality to configure digium phones. In this situation we should uninstall/remove FreePBX "digium_phone" module otherwise conflict may occur where 2 FreePBX modules might try to modify phone configurations.

As soon as we select this option, FreePBX will check the status of "DPMA" module installed/license in backend and inform the status to user.

After selecting "Use DPMA" to "YES" we need to submit this configuration. 

Endpoint Manager → Right Navigator→ DPMA  Management


This option will be visible only if "Endpoint Manager → Global → Use DPMA" option is "YES".

By-default "DPMA" is licensed to work with FreePBX system.

We can use "DPMA Management" section to do the following configuration, required by the "DPMA" module.

Once "DPMA Management" configuration is over, then we can follow normal approach of configuring Digium Template and Extensions from Extensions mapping to configure the Digium phones.

Digium phone support

All the Digium phones supported by EPM as mentioned in EPM-Supported Devices can be configured to use DPMA.

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