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Phone Apps are designed to work only with Sangoma IP Phones. Please see our End of Sale notice here on Phone Apps with 3rd Party Phones.

Viewing Conference Rooms

  • Pressing the Conference soft key will bring up a list of all conference rooms that you have permissions to view.

  • From here you can pick up any specific conference room to manage by using the up/down arrow keys and and pressing the right arrow next to the room or you can press the Select soft key.

  • You can also see at a glance how many callers are in any specific conference room. You can use the Dial soft key to call in to the conference room.

Managing Conference Attendees

  • Once you enter a conference room to manage it, you should see a screen like this. You'll see a list of callers who are in the conference room.
  • Using the up/down arrow keys you can pick up any caller and mute or kick the caller in the conference room. You can also unmute a muted caller.

  • Pressing the Refresh soft key will update the list of callers in the conference room from your PBX.
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