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  • When Sangoma sells a product that specific product is registered in the portal under the original purchaser (Primary Owner) of the product and only they can see the product and purchase support and open support tickets for the product.  If another customer needs access to manage that same product and open support tickets they will log into their own Portal account and make a co-ownership claim on the product as outlined here.

  • The primary owner of the product will get a email alert asking them to approve the claim.  The steps below show how the Primary Owner can approve or deny the co-ownership claim.

  • Log into your Portal account at

Modifying the Email address where Co Owner Request are sent to

Pending Claims

  • Select Products > Product Claims > Pending Claims to view all pending claims that you need to approve or deny

  • For each claim you can decide to approve or deny the claim with the Actions on the right.  Once you approve or deny the claim a email will be sent to the user making the claim updating them on the status of their claim.
    • Approve - Press the Green Check Mark to approve the claim 
    • Decline - Press the Red X to decline the claim

Accepted Claims

  • Select Products > Product Claims > Accepted Claims to view all previous claims that you have approved or were auto approved if auto approval claiming is enabled for your account.

Declined Claims

  • Select Products > Product Claims > Declined Claims to view all previous claims that you have declined.

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