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Here you can define different email addresses that the Sangoma Portal will use for sending different types of notifications to you about.

  1. Go to the Sangoma Portal at and log in.
  2. In the navigation menu near the top, select Customers →List All.

  3. You should now see a list of all customers, including yourself, and any customers that are below you as sub-accounts.  

  4. Click on the binoculars icon  next to the customer you wish to edit Email Notifications for.

  5. Under the General Tab at the bottom you can now set and change the email addresses we will send notifications to
    1. Order Rejected – Order being Rejected by Sangoma with reason for Rejection
    2. Invoice Payment – When an invoice has a payment applies
    3. Items Shipped– Who to notify of tracking and shipping of a order
    4. Disty Assignment – If a reseller picks they want to buy from you, this is the email we will use to notify you about the reseller picking you
    5. Order Accepted – Order being Accepted by Sangoma
    6. Invoice Creation – When an invoice gets created for a order
    7. Product Claims - When another company makes a claim for co-ownership of a product you sold them we will notify you of this request here.
    8. Payment Reminder – When an invoice is past due this is the email we will send reminders to each night
    9. Default Email – This field is used if any of the fields above are not provided and is used for a few other areas such as Product Co-Claiming. Think of this field as the catchall for emails that are not defined above or of those fields are blank.

  6. Press the Submit button when done to save your changes

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