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  • Report exposed to Sangoma Certified Resellers
  • Any Sangoma Distributor or Platinum Partner can lookup Reseller Pricing for any Sangoma SKU to know what recommended price you should sell the product to for a Certified Sangoma Partner who wishes to buy from you.
  • See this Wiki on how Sangoma Partners can pick which Distributor/Platinum Partner they want to expose their Pricing information to.
  • See this Wiki on how to know what price level a Sangoma Partner has been established with from Sangoma.

  • Go to the Reports Section of the Sangoma Portal and click on List.

  • Locate the Customer-Price List report and click on the View icon

  • Use the Search bar and search by product name or SKU and it will show you MSRP, MAP and Reseller Pricing.

  • Review this wiki on how to see what Price Level a Sangoma Partner is setup with.

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