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  • Report exposed to Sangoma Certified Resellers and Customers.
  • This will show all invoices per customer based on invoice date or payment date.
  • Go to the Reports Section of the Sangoma Portal and click on List.

  • Locate the Accounting-Invoice History List and click on the View icon

  • Pick the customer you want to see this information for or leave blank and it will show you all invoices for your own organization and any sub customer you have created under you.  
    • If you have sub customers created in the portal under your master account you could pick just a specific sub customer you want to run this report for and see the invoice history of those customers.
    • Sub Customers can only be created by you and they are fully controlled by you. Usually used in companies that have different legal divisions that want to keep separated.

  • Pick a date range you want to see invoices for

  • Define if you want that date range to be based on the invoice date or the payment date

  • You will now see all the invoices that have been generated for your company including if it has been paid or not and date of Payment and total amount of invoice.
    • You can click on the Invoice ID to view a copy of the invoice..

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