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Using an SPA3102 FXO Port to connect with Valcom Paging units

Note that this article relates specifically with the Valcom V-2003A one way page controller. In essence there are three steps in this process, 1) Configure a SIP Trunk and Outbound Route in FreePBX, 2) Configure the SPA3102 and 3) Once connected for testing determine "Line-In-Use Voltage" of the FXO port and adjust it to match ( otherwise calls in will result in a busy signal or in the CLI / logs you will see this "Got SIP response 503 "Service Unavailable.")

Configure a SIP Trunk and Outbound Route in FreePBX

Create a SIP Trunk named 'pager' with the following settings(assuming PBX and SPA3102 are on the same LAN)

Trunk Name: pager

PEER Details:


Create an Outbound Route named 'pager' with the following settings (in this case the page controller has 4 zones and we are dialing 11, 12, 13 or 14 to reach the correct zone)

As you can see we are striping out the 1 and just sending the 1, 2, 3 or 4 to the page controller as this is what it expects.

Configure the SPA3102

Assuming you have followed the quick start guide for the SPA3102, log into the web gui for the device (admin login / advanced ) and navigate to the Voice --> PSTN Line configuration and populate the Proxy / Registration and Subscriber Information ( make sure you set the Make Call / Ans Call Without Reg to yes) :

Determine "Line-In-Use Voltage" of the FXO port and adjust it to match

In the SPA3102 navigate to the Voice --> Info and scroll down to the bottom and look for the "Line Voltage"

Next navigate to the Voice --> PSTN Line configuration, scroll down and set the "Line-In-Use Voltage" to match the Line Voltage

In general terms that should be all there is to it. One tip from Valcom is to make sure that the Battery SW2 is in the on position which is down.


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