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  • Provisioning an Analog Line in North America
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This page is taken from the Installation Manual, which is available for download.

This page will assist you in ordering an analog line for your analog Dialogic Diva Media Board. 

Line Types 

Diva Analog Media Boards can be configured to support a standard analog liine. Specify the following requirements when you place your order: 

  • Standard analog line 
  • Loop start line
  • Dial type: Diva Analog Media Boards support tone and pulse dialing. It is recommended to specify tone as the dial type. 

Connecting to a PBX 

In most installations, the analog line is connected to a PBX instead of the Diva Analog Media Board. If this is the case and you wish to do DTMF collection through the PBX, you need to configure the sequence on the PBX as follows: 

  • Ring voltage 
  • 500 ms pause 
  • Routing through DTMF
  • 500 ms pause
  • Open the call path
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