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  • Provisioning a Robbed Bit connection
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This page is taken from the Installation Manual, which is available for download.

This section explains how to order a T1 line that uses robbed-bit signaling for your Dialogic Diva PRI Media Board.

What to order 

Specify the following when you place your order: 

  • Switched T1 service for 56 kbps voice calls 
  • No multichannel services (switchtec 384/H0 or 1536/H11) 
  • Extended SuperFrame (ESF) 
  • B8ZS line encoding 
  • Wink Start E&M signaling 
  • DTMF dialing 
  • Answer supervision required for outgoing calls 
  • A CSU is not required (the Dialogic Diva Media Board supplies the function of the CSU internally). However, you can connect to a CSU if present.
  • A DSU is not required (the Dialogic Diva Media Board supplpies the function of a DSU internally).


Dialogic Diva V-1PRI PCIe HS, V-2PRI PCIe HS, V-4PRI PCIe HS, V-4PRI PCIe FS and V-8PRI PCIe FS Media Boards do not supply the function of the CSU or the DSU internally. You need to purchase it from an independent distributor.

Information to obtain when you order 

Obtain the following information when you place your order. You will need this information to properly configure your Dialogic Diva PRI Media Board. 

  • The type of ISDN switch your line is connected to. 
    • AT&T/Lucent 4ESS 
    • AT&T/Lucent 5ESS 
    • Nortel DMS-100 
    • Nortel DMS-250 
    • National ISDN-2 (any switch running NI-2) 
    • Japan INS-1500 
  • Directory number assigned to the T1 line.
  • Number of DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service) digits provided by your service provider. Normally, you can choose between four, seven, or ten digits.
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