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Dialogic NaturalAccess™ Software is a development and runtime environment for creating voice, fax, and conferencing applications with a consistent set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Supported standard features include call control, play/record, PSTN trunking, voice over IP, conferencing, fax, and OAM.

NaturalAccess Software unifies application development across Dialogic Media Board products that are supported by NaturalAccess Software, such as the Dialogic CG Series Media Boards.

The APIs provided in NaturalAccess Software are operating-system-independent. After an application is developed on a specific operating system with these APIs, it can be ported to another supported operating system, normally without changes to the application program.

The NaturalAccess Software architecture also allows developers to capitalize on desired operating-system features, such as system-specific event-triggering functions. This flexibility allows system developers to adapt their applications for a broad market, or they can tailor them for specific markets.

Key Features

  • Available in packages for Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and SPARC and x86 Solaris
  • Supports TDM and IP environments (pure TDM, pure IP or hybrid) via CG Series Media Boards
  • CAS, ISDN, and SIP support allows a common call processing model
  • Full-duplex voice functions for play, record, and edit simplifies IVR application development
  • Multiple voice file formats, including .WAV and .VOX increases application compatibility
  • Universal tone detectors and generators allows integration with PBX switches, paging terminals, and other specialized equipment

NaturalAccess Development Environment






Provides the Manual required for Natural Access Software

NaturalAccess Software Manual

Technology Briefs

Dialogic NaturalAccess Software is a development and runtime environment for voice, fax, conferencing, and video applications with a consistent set of APIs in C, which are hardware- and OS-independent to provide application portability.

An Introduction to Dialogic NaturalAccess Software
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