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The Sangoma Diva Media Boards and the Diva Software Products provide an extremely flexible platform for the implementation of communication solutions. The Diva platform consists of two general parts:

  • The “Diva Media Boards” offering analog, ISDN PRI/BRI and E1/T1 connectivity
  • The “Diva Software” which is divided into the Sangoma Diva System Release Software and Sangoma Diva SDK

The Diva platform offers many standard APIs (COM port, CAPI, TTY, WAN Miniport) and will work out of the box with most existing communication applications. For projects where the standard APIs are suited, the Diva SDK offers three Diva APIs that allow using different programming paradigms (languages and environments) including C or C#, .NET, and VB.Script. The freely downloadable Diva SDK offers more than 70 samples that are often used as boiler plates for the different applications.

Typical applications that have been implemented on the Diva platform include unified messaging, unified communications, IVR (DTMF and speech-enabled), contact center, conferencing server (including high-quality conferences up to 360 active speakers), basic voice, and CTI, call recording/tapping (call monitoring, HiZ (high impedance), network and protocol test equipment, M2M (machine to machine) communication, Point of Sales (POS), remote meter reading, Remote Access (RAS), and other telephony applications.

The Diva Software is supported under Windows and Linux operating systems. The Diva Media Boards are available in PCI and PCI Express. Depending on port density, the Diva boards are available in low-profile (LP), half-size/half-length (HS/HL) and full-size (FS) form factors.

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