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NBE Troubleshooting Information (a101/2/4/8/a200)

NBE Gateway (A101/2/4/8/A200)

These steps will place NBE into development mode which will produce detailed logs of each call made on the system. 

Please note that these changes will not persist if NBE is restarted. You will have to enable development mode again after a restart.

From the Netborder main page:

>>R2 Customers Click HERE to enable R2 Logging as well<<

>>If this is an audio issue CLICK HERE to enable recording as well<<

>>How to include PRI D-Channel pcap tracing<<

1. Click the logging tab.


2. Next to the "Mode" property in the list, click on the word "Production" and change it to "Development" in the dropdown menu.


3. Click somewhere outside the box to complete the selection.

4. The Apply button will become active. Click Apply.

Please note that sometimes the browser can cache the setting, making Netborder appear to be in development mode even after a restart. 
Refreshing the browser should cause it to display correctly.

Next, reproduce the issue you are experiencing. 

If you are experiencing a problem with an unreliable link from your telco or are seeing alarms in NBE then please provide the output from the following commands entered into a DOS prompt

PRI card:

C:\Users\George> wanpipemon -i wanpipe1_IF1 -c Ta

Analogue card: (where -m <module number> corresponds to the FXO or FXS port)

C:\Users\George> wanpipemon -i wanpipe1_IF1 -c astats -m 1

NOTES*: The 'interface' argument in the above commands (i.e. wanpipe1_IF1) may be different then shown above.  
Please check what this value should be by opening Device Manager and selecting Sangoma Communications Devices -> Sangoma  Hardware Abstraction Driver right clicking and selecting Properties.
A menu will open.  Please select the Analogue Modules (for analogue cards) or Groups of channels (for PRI cards) or ISDN BRI Groups of channels (for BRI cards) tab and use an entry from the list of interfaces as the exact string
argument to the commands above.

Additionally, please send all of the folders/files below; please insure you zip all of the files up before emailing.

  • C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\wanpipelog.txt 
  • C:\Program Files\Netborder\Express\Gateway\logs
  • C:\Program Files\Netborder\Express\Gateway\config

Linux Users send in the following information:

  • /var/log/messages
  • /opt/Netborder/Express/Gateway/config
  • /opt/Netborder/Express/Gateway/logs
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