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The IP network switch that a Dialogic 1000 Media Gateway or a Dialogic 2000 Media Gateway (DMG) is connected to, logs many transmit and receive errors.

Reason for the Problem

Generally caused because the IP ports on the network switch have been locked to 100 MB full duplex.

The Dialogic Media Gateway LAN interfaces are locked into auto-negotiate mode. When the IP interface initializes, it broadcasts its capabilities to its IP peer. If the IP peer is locked, it may not respond to this broadcast and as a result the IP interface of the gateway may end up running at 100 MB half-duplex. 

Fix / Solution

Ensure that the IP ports used to connect to the DMG are always set to auto-negotiate their speed and duplex. Please consult your networking equipment manufacturer's documentation for details on performing this configuration. 

Once configured, use the indicators for the LAN interface on your gateway, to validate the port has properly negotiated speed and duplex settings.

Dialogic 1000 Media Gateway series

  • If the IP port was not set to auto-negotiate upon gateway boot up, gateway will need to be power cycled to force the re-negotiation to occur, once the IP port settings have been changed.

Dialogic 2000 Media Gateway series

  • Will re-negotiate by simply disconnecting and then reconnecting the IP cable.
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