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Charging information can be provided via SIP-INFO header or ISDN facility information element messages to receive information on the recorded charges for the actual call during its Set-Up time (AOC-S), Connected time (AOC-D) or at the End (AOC-E) of the call. IMG 2020 DOESN'T support AOC-S and AOC-E which means only charging information received durring the Active phase of the call will be interworked.

The AOC-D interworking function is enabled by default. When charging information is carried in a SIP-INFO message on one call leg, it is automatically mapped to an ISDN facility information element message to be sent on the other call leg and vice-versa when charging information is received from the ISDN call leg.

The SIP INFO message header uses the format shown below:

AOC: charging;type=active;charging-info=total;currency=ATS;amount=2000;multiplier=0.001

This feature complies with ETSI specification ETSI EN 300 182-1 V1.3.3 (1999-01). Please refer to this document for more information about the Advice Of Charge supplementary service.

Call Flow Diagrams



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