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FR-809679 - TLS Security package upgrade to version 1.2

Brief Description:

IMG 2020 now support TLS 1.2 which is recommended to fix various security holes permitted with previous TLS 1.0.
See user’s documentation for the list of Ciphers supported.

That also include FR-940887 - Support HTTPS TLS 1.2 Ciphers configuration on WebUI

Related Topics:  Configuring TLS ; IP Network Interface;  SIP Signaling over TLS OverviewSRTP - Overview Configuring SRTPSIP Profile - Advanced Settings

FR-918272 - ISDN AOC <-> SIP AOC-D Interworking

Brief Description:

The AOC-D supplementary service enables a user to receive information on the recorded charges for a call during the active phase of the call.

Refer to the related topic below for more information on the feature implementation and resulted call flow when used.

Related Topics:  SIP to ISDN Advice Of Charge (AOC-D) Interworking

FR-192532- ISDN to SIP-T Interworking

Brief Description:

The IMG 2020 can now interworks ISDN calls to SIP-T calls with in the SIP-T MIME the ISUP equivalent of the ISDN parameters.

Related Topics: Configure ISDN to SIP-T Interworking ;  SIP to SIP-T Interworking ; SIP_ISDN Interworking ; SIP Signaling - SIP-T Entity ; Variant Table

FR-944757 - IMG2020 VxWorks Firmware Version update

Brief Description:

IMG 2020 VxWorks Firmware update to version to integrate, amongs other new features and improvements, the OpenSSL package v1.0.2 which includes TLS1.2 and to benefit from the latest bug fixes including important security issues.

Related Topics:  None

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