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The SIP Network element pane is created under the SIP Signaling object. Use this pane to enable a physical IMG to send out a SIP Registration for Authentication. This object is created if in the case where the Username and Password on a specific gateway is different than the Username and Password set up in the main SIP Signaling Object. The Username and Password on the main SIP Signaling object would be the Username and Password for all the gateways below it unless the SIP Network Element object is created. You must have configured an External Gateway where you have Outbound Registration enabled. All the SIP gateways configured will be in a drop down menu in the SIP Network Element field.

Accessing this Pane

Dialogic IMG EMS -> Logical IMG -> Physical IMG -> Signaling -> SIP Signaling -> SIP Network Element

Maximum Objects

15 per SIP Gateway

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An External Gateway must be configured. This will put a gateway in the drop down menu of the SIP Network Element. By doing this the gateway in the SIP Network Element will need a Username and Password.

ClientView Pane

Field Descriptions

SIP Network Element

The external SIP Gateway. All SIP Gateways configured will be in drop down menu here. Select one Gateway from the list. This IMG will use the Username and Password configured in the Username and Password below it.

Bulk Registration

The Bulk Registration is a mechanism that allows the IMG to register, on behalf of one or several PBX(s) and the E.164 number ranges it serves, to an IMS core network or other SIP trunking entity. The implementation of Bulk Registration is consistent with RFC 6140. This field will enable or disable Bulk Registration for the SIP Network Element (IMS core network).

SIP UserName (AOR) (Address of Record)

A SIP Identifier, or Address of Record (AOR) specifies the "To" and "From" URI user part that will be used in an outbound REG. If the field is empty, then the IMG uses the authentication username in the To and From headers.

SIP Authentication UserName

The UserName the IMG will use for authentication with this gateway.

SIP Authentication Password

The Password the IMG will use for authentication with this gateway.

Monitoring Fields

SIP Network Element Connection Status

The status of this SIP Gateway.


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