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ISDN Interworking Redirection takes the incoming ISDN message and interworks it to SIP signaling on the outbound side so the 'Original Called Number' can be identified on the SIP side. This information will be passed in the SIP Diversion Header. If diversion headers support is enabled, the information contained in the diversion headers will be translated into two different information elements in the ISDN SETUP message.

Accessing this Pane

Dialogic IMG EMS > Routing Configuration > Channel Groups > Channel Group (ISDN) > ISDN Group > ISDN Interworking

Maximum Objects:

1 ISDN Interworking Redirecting Pane per ISDN ISUP Group

Related Topics:

IMG 1010 - SIP Diversion Header

ClientView Pane:

Field Descriptions:

SIP Diversion Redirecting:

Select from drop down menu whether to include the Redirecting Number or the Original Called Number.

Redirecting (default) - Include the Redirecting Number parameter in the ISDN SETUP message.

Original Called Number - Include Original Called Number (OCN) in the ISDN SETUP message.

We only support one OCN parameter to be Interworked. If more than one OCN IE is in an incoming setup, the first is used and the others are ignored.


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