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An ENUM Server Set is configured through the use of ClientView.  ClientView will allow a maximum of four ENUM Server Sets to be configured beneath one Dialogic IMG EMS. Within ClientView follow the path below to configure an ENUM Server Set.

Accessing this Pane:

Dialogic IMG EMS -> New External Network Elements -> New ENUM Server Set

Maximum Objects:

The maximum amount of ENUM Server Sets that can be configured under the External Network Elements Pane is 4 per Dialogic IMG EMS.

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IMG 1010 - ENUM Server

ClientView Pane:

Field Descriptions:


A unique name configured for this ENUM Server Set. The user decides the name given to the ENUM Server Set. In the example above the name ENUM_SERVER_SET was configured.

Domain Name:

The name of the domain the ENUM Server Set will reside on.

SIP Profile:

If there are SIP profiles already configured then a drop down list of all previously configured SIP Profiles will be displayed. If there are no SIP profiles configured then a “Default Profile” will be displayed.

ENUM Server Set ID:

A unique ID assigned to the server set. This ID is assigned to the Server Set and cannot be configured. ClientView will select the next higher ID up to four, which is not being used.

ENUM Server Port:

The ENUM Servers configured under the ENUM Server Set will all use this port number. A drop down list will display a range from 1 to 65535. When configuring an ENUM server set there is a box called ENUM Server Port. All ENUM Servers configured beneath this ENUM Server Set will use the same port number, which the user configures. Once an ENUM Server is configured under an ENUM Server Set the port number configured cannot be changed. In order to change the port number in the ENUM Server Set pane the user must delete all ENUM Server children created under the ENUM Server Set.

In Clientview Port 53 is selected as a default value and generally will not need to be changed


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