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Caution: Routers or switches connected to the IMG 1004 should be configured for 100 Mb/sec and Auto-negotiation. Disabling Auto-negotiation may result in packet loss.
Caution: Broadcast propagation between ports must be enabled to allow for BootP to be successful.  

Network Interface Ports

There are two types of Network Interface ports on the IMG 1004:

  • Control (Network Management)
  • Data (RTP for SIP and H.323)

The IMG 1004 supports a variety of scenarios for designing your IP network. In the example below the Network Management is connected to the CTRL port and the media stream will interface with the DATA Port. The connections can be on the same subnet or separated into two separate subnets.

TDM Bearer Channels

The Bearer ports are used as bearer spans only (T1/E1).

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