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Legacy API Modes

The Sangoma AFT DATA API is a common DATA (non-voice) api for the following data cards: 

  1. A101/2/4/8 (T1/E1)
  2. A14X (V35 RS232 Serial)

WAN API Modes:

  1. HDLC Mode
    The sample application runs on top of a hdlc interface and receives
    HDLC formated frames.  HDLC framing is done in AFT hardware.
  2. Transparent (Bitstreaming) Mode
    The sample application runs on top of a raw transparent interface and receives
    all bits on the line in configurable block size.  HDLC framing is turned off in hardware.
  3. Protocol API Mode
    The AFT API can run on top of a protocol interface such as: PPP, CHDLC, ATM, Frame Relay.
    We treat the protocol interface as data pump and are able to receive and transmit 
    protocol payload only.  The interface protocol in the driver is responsible for attaching
    appropriate protocol headers on tx and rx.
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