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Sangoma AFT cards Wanpipe Configuration

Run wanpipe configuration utility: 


Hardware Setup (AFT):

1) After the wancfg Info you will be asked to EDIT or CREATE a new config. Select CREATE unless you wish to edit previous config. 


2) Select "wanpipe1.conf" or rather the next wanpipe that says "does not exist" next to it. This is where your configuration will be saved to in /etc/wanpipe/. 


3) On this page select "select from detected cards list" as this will generate a list of all connected cards. 


4) From the list select the card and port you wish to configure. Here we are configuring port 1 on a A108. 


5) You are now in the layer 1 configuration, this is defaulted to T1 (B8ZS,ESF,NORMAL CLOCKING). You can make changes to this config if you wish. Once done click "Back" to move to layer 2 configuration. 


6) Next highlight "Protocol" and click select to get a list of available protocols. 


7) Now select the WAN protocol of choice from the list.


8) Once selected you can configure the protocol. In most cases the defaults work great, so just click back to continue. 


9) Once the WAN protocol (layer 2) is selected then the interface setup (layer 3) appears. Enter the interface setup to finish the links configuration. 


10) Click select on the first interface to continue. You can in some cases have multiple interfaces, this is more of an advanced config option. 


11) Defaults here work great but of course can be changed. So the only thing to configure is the IP addresses. So enter the IP address setup. 


12) Select the local IP address to configure the IP of WAN interface. 


13) Then enter in the IP and click OK. 


14) Repeat these steps for the Point-to-Point IP address, this is the IP of the ISP/TELCO switch. This will be the IP which all traffic will be forwarded to in order to push traffic over the link. 


15) Once the IP configuration is completed you can click Back to exit the interface setup. 


16) Now back at the main menu click Exit to leave the Wanpipe1 configuration. 


17) To save the config click Yes. 


18) Now click Exit if you are done configuring the card. If you would like to configure other ports select the next wanpipe and continue from there. 


19) Now click Exit again to leave the utility. 

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