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Basic Navigation

Once you've successfully registered the Sangoma Connect mobile client, the top of the app looks like this:

The upper right shows your extension number and the upper left has a menu button with three vertical dots. The menu button shows up in all places, and menu options change depending on context. If you can't find a feature, check the menu button. The Below that horizontally from left to right are Favorites, History, Keypad and Contacts. Each of these buttons is clickable, and you can swipe left and right to scroll through them.

Favorites - Use a favorite to create speed dial entries and BLF buttons

History - see your inbound and outbound call history

Keypad - conventional 10 digit *# phone dial entry

Contacts - Alphabetical list of contacts

Outgoing Calls

From the top row of buttons, select the Keyad. Enter the digits to the destination number and press the green call button at the bottom.

Incoming Calls

An inbound call presents the following screen 

You can:

  • answer the call
  • ignore the call which stops the ringing stops but still gives you a chance to answer
  • reject the call so it goes to the failover destination

Call in Progress

During a live call, the app looks like this:

Near the top are buttons that allow you to mute the mic and toggle hands free audio. At the center is a Keypad button to enter DTMF, a Hold button and transfer buttons.

Call Transfers

Blind Transfer - If you wish to transfer a live call to another destination without first interacting with recipient of the transfer, you press the Transfer button. The caller will immediately be put on hold and hear hold music. You will be presented with the keypad where you enter the digits for the transfer destination. Press the green dial button at the bottom, the transfer is done and the app is now idle

Attended TransferIf you wish to transfer a live call to another destination, but you want to first speak privately with the recipient of the transfer, press the Att Transfer button. You will be presented with the Keypad where you can dial the destination of the transfer. Press the green dial button and the app will initiate a call to the transfer recipient while the original call remains on hold. When finished talking with the recipient, press the green Transfer button to complete the transfer, or press cancel to abort the transfer.

Local 3-way Calling

If you wish to add an additional party to an existing live call, press the 'Add Call' button. The existing call will be placed on hold and you will be presented with the Keypad where you can place a new call. Once the second caller answers you can press the 'Join' button so that all three parties can speak together. 3-way calling and video cannot be used together; video calls are for local call between 2 parties.

Local Video 1:1 Calling

If you wish to add video to an existing live call with another Sangoma Connect user, tap the video camera icon. Video calling is just for one-to-one calling, it cannot be used with 3-way calling. You can also start a video call by tapping the video camera icon for a contact (or, in Quickdial, tap and hold the item to bring up a tools menu). Your PBX must be set up correctly to use video calling; please see your PBX administrator if video is not working in your Sangoma Connect app.

DND Mode

If you wish to manually silence all incoming events on Sangoma Connect, you can access the DND mode from the extension number button at the upper right

This will open up a dialog that provides a toggle for DND. Outbound calls work as normal but inbound calls will not ring thru to the App. DND will be displayed in red near the extension number at the top of the screen. The same method is used to toggle off.  If you have other devices registered to your PBX user account, they will not be affected by this Sangoma Connect DND setting.


Inbound and outbound activity is viewable by pressing the History button while the App is idle.


To create a speed dial button or a BLF button, tap the Quickdial (star) in the navbar. In Edit mode, tap the + icon. You can enter a button title and the dialed digits, or tap the Contacts icon to find and use a contact for this item. To add a "Busy Lamp Field" (i.e. indicate if the local extension number is in use or not, use the BLF toggle. Tap Save, to complete the item, or Cancel to go back to the list without creating a new item. To edit or delete items, tap Edit. To show only avatars (with no names), pull down on the list screen.

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