Fax Quality and Reliability on T1/E1, BRI & Analog Phone Systems

    Until now, users of Asterisk® and other PC-based systems with T1/E1 or BRI connections needed a separate external analog line at an additional cost if they wanted reliable fax service. Fax machines connected to a PBX using T1/E1 or BRI connections would run inconsistently at best because the analog interface supporting the fax machine were not synchronized with the PSTN timing.

    Sangoma's latest AFT hardware & firmware revisions include an option for the analog card to receive its clocking from a T1/E1 or BRI card via a simple two-wire jumper cable.

    1. Synchronization Cable
    2. Hardware Requirements
    3. Firmware Requirements
    4. Driver Requirements
    5. Configuration Requirements


    Synchronization Cable

    Standard Two Pin Jumper cable, also available from Sangoma. 

    Install the cable on to the board jumpers RED cable uppermost both sides as shown in the picture.


    Hardware Requirements

    List of currently supported hardware:

              AFT A101/2/4/8dm: All AFT T1/E1 cards with HW Echo Cancellation
                       - hardware echo canceler is mandatory

    AFT A500d: BRI card
             - If the card is being used as a clocking source then
    hardware echo canceler is mandatory
             - If the card is
    receiving the clock then the hardware echo canceler is NOT mandatory

              AFT A200: Quad Port Analog FXO/FXS Card, (upto to 24 ports)
    hardware echo canceler is optional for analog cards

              AFT A400: 12 Port Analog FXO/FXS Card, (upto 24 ports)
    hardware echo canceler is optional for analog cards

              AFT B600: 5 Port Analog FXO/FXS Card  (Note: Sync cable goes on jumper JP6)
    hardware echo canceler is optional for analog cards

    Please note that AFT A101/2/4/8 and A200/400 cards that were shipped before June 1st, 2007 do not support this feature and are not field upgradeable!

    This feature is only supported on Maxim based T1/E1 AFT cards (AFT A101dm/A102dm/A104dm/A108dm).

    Firmware Requirements

    The minimum AFT hardware firmware requirements that support clock synchronization.

              AFT A101dm --- V31
              AFT A102dm --- V31
              AFT A104dm --- V31
              AFT A108dm --- V31
              AFT A200      --- V10
              AFT A400      --- V10
              AFT A500      --- V31

    Latest Firmware Download


    Driver Requirements

    Latest Stable and Beta releases support the external clock sync feature.
    You can download the wanpipe drivers here:

    Latest stable voice & data drivers (Linux) ------------- Download Stable Here
    Support: T1/E1/Analog

    Latest beta voice & data drivers (Linux) --------------- Download Beta Here
    Support: T1/E1/Analog/BRI

    Latest voice & data drivers (FreeBSD) --------------- Download Beta Here  





    All T1/E1 & BRI cards supporting this feature will automatically provide the clock, and therefore no additional configuration is necessary.
    The latest STABLE and BETA wanpipe releases have updated configuration utilities (wancfg and wancfg_zaptel) to configure AFT Analog devices for external clock sync.

    The Analog Cards must be configure with RM_NETWORK_SYNC option.  This option configures the Analog card to accept the clock from the jumper cable.
    If the clock is not present, the analog card will not start!

    AFT T1/E1 + Analog Fax

    AFT A500 + Analog Fax



    Manual Configuration
    In the configuration files for Analog cards only, please add FE_NETWORK_SYNC = YES as follows:

    # WANPIPE2 Configuration File
    # Date: Tue Apr 24 16:59:04 EDT 2007
    # Note: This file was generated automatically
    #       by /usr/sbin/wancfg program.
    #       If you want to edit this file, it is
    #       recommended that you use wancfg program
    #       to do so.
    # Sangoma Technologies Inc.

    wanpipe2 = WAN_AFT_ANALOG, Comment

    w2g1 = wanpipe2, , TDM_VOICE, Comment
    CARD_TYPE       = AFT
    S514CPU         = A
    CommPort        = PRI
    PCISLOT         = 9
    PCIBUS           = 1
    FE_MEDIA       = FXO/FXS
    TDMV_LAW        = MULAW
    MTU             = 1500
    UDPPORT         = 9000
    TTL             = 255
    TDMV_SPAN       = 2

    ACTIVE_CH       = ALL
    TDMV_HWEC       = NO




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