PBX in a Flash with DAHDI

    1. Insert the USB Wanpipe VoiceTime Device into the Server USB Port

    2. Make sure dahdi has already been installed on your system

      *Note: PBX in a Flash contains the dahdi sources and will not have to be downloaded. 
      The dahdi sources are located in /usr/src/

      -> If your dahdi sources cannot be found, then you must download them.  Proceed to STEP 3 if this is the case.

      -> If you have verified that your dahdi sources are in /usr/src/ AND that you have a working dahdi start script /etc/init.d/dahdi {start|stop} then skip to STEP 6

    3. Find the version of dahdi installed on your system
      Type the following command in your Linux CLI:
      -> dahdi_cfg -vvv 

      The output of the above command will indicate the version of dahdi installed

    4. Proceed to the following website to download your currently installed dahdi version
      ->  http://downloads.asterisk.org/pub/telephony/dahdi-linux-complete/releases/

    5. Untar and install dahdi in the location of your choice (typically /usr/src/):
      -> cd /usr/src
      -> tar xfz dahdi-<ver>.tgz
      -> cd dahdi-<ver>
      -> make
      -> make install
      -> make config
    6. Download the Wanpipe Voicetime Driver
    7. Untar and change directory
      -> tar xfz wanpipe-voicetime-<ver>.tgz
      -> cd wanpipe-voicetime-<ver>

    8.  Build Wanpipe VoiceTime for Currently Running dahdi Module
      -> make DAHDI_DIR=/usr/src/dahdi-<ver>/linux

      DAHDI_DIR= location of dahdi source used to build and install dahdi
      By default DAHDI_DIR=/usr/src/dahdi

    9. Install VoiceTime module
      -> make install

    10.  Install bootup startup script for VoiceTime
      -> make boot

      The wanpipe_voicetime uses /etc/init.d/dahdi script. The dahdi startup script must be installed

      eg: cd /usr/src/dahdi-<version>
      make        #build dahdi
      make install    #install dahdi modules
      make config        #install dahdi boot script

    11. Start Wanpipe VoiceTime using dahdi Startup Script
      -> /etc/init.d/dahdi start

    12. Confirm that VoiceTime Sync Tool is working
      -> Click Here